Under Sink Storage – Must Have

This under sink storage unit is a must have for a tidy kitchen or utility room. The shelves are completely customizable and can be fitted around any awkward drainage pipes underneath your sink.

Under sink storage

The shelf is simple and easy to assemble by one person and takes approximately 20 minutes to make. It is sturdy, so once you have assembled it there is nothing else left for you to do! Despite the shelf being sturdy, it is also lightweight so it can be moved to another drawer if you need to move it.

So it fits your space, you can easily adjust the width of the shelving to make it as wide as you need in your kitchen or utility drawer. Also, you can choose how high you want each shelf to be placed depending on the height of your items- especially if you are storing taller bottles of cleaning products.  The shelving has enough depth for you to place any longer items such as: cling film, tin foil, or parchment paper rolls.

It is a completely customizable storage solution for under your sink.

Personally, my drawers would have been a mess without one- so I recommend this product to anyone who wants a tidier, clutter- free, under-sink storage unit.

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